About Oman

Oman is a culturally diverse nation which welcomes people of all nationalities and values their contribution to the life and development of the sultanate.

Oman offers its residents and visitors an unparalled quality of life experience.

Oman is both confident and comfortable vis-à-vis its international role - a role which is valued and respected by the international community.

Oman is passionate about its youth, education, research, innovation and vocational training. It is this passion that retains citizens and attracts international talent and enterprise to the sultanate.

Oman is a place which develops and attracts innovative businesses, particularly in oil and gas, finance, ICT, professional services and manufacturing. As a nation, we recognize and value the business community’s role in Oman’s continued development.

Oman is a well connected nation with excellent transport infrastructure, providing residents and businesses world-wide links through land, air and sea.

Oman is a nation of outstanding natural beauty. Moreover, it offers residents a secure environment in which they enjoy attractive and affordable workspace and living accommodation.

Oman is a nation that encourages and celebrates the arts, in particular, arts that reflect Oman’s rich heritage and culture.

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