The Oman Pavilion

Oman: Heritage in Harvest
The story of food production in Oman is one of innovation and heritage. It is a story of how a country can embrace cutting-edge technology and yet develop sustainably; pursue academic research programs which contribute to global knowledge and help the farmer in his field; balance the needs of large scale commercial production and yet preserve traditional community life; all while working in harmony with the challenges and benefits of a unique climate.

Harnessing the Sun, Sand & Sea

From the ancient irrigation system of aflaj to modern farming of undersea reefs, Oman has a unique story of managing water resources for the protection of the environment and to ensure food security for its people. Working with the elements in one of the planet's most arid zones to harvest and channel water for sustainable agriculture, water for villages, for livestock and for crops. Building artificial reefs along its vast coastline to turn undersea deserts into flourishing nurseries for fish and marine life. A history of harnessing the sun, the sand and the sea to feed the nation.

An ethos of careful cultivation which extends to the education and empowerment of its people; and to care for the health and the growth of the nation.

Oman's story is embedded in its heritage, in its environment and in its people; in its nurture and its nature; in the sustainable methods it employs to administering its resources, and in its measured efforts to make harvest against an often challenging landscape.

This concept translates the site into a themed garden divided into 3 sections, symbolizing the sun, the sand and the sea - cultivated environments showcasing the various methods of farming for food, water channels of the falaj, a giant sundial to chart the sun, and artificial reefs as an undersea garden of biodiversity. All these provide iconic links to the story.

The Oman Pavilion shares the Heritage of its sustainable Harvest from the land and the sea ... revealing a millennia of traditions and practices.








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