Our rich farming heritage

Half of Oman’s population is involved in agriculture, producing a wide variety of crops for export and domestic use. From small producers to large businesses, we work to increase our food self-sufficiency sustainably.

Oman is famed for its honey. Our traditional beekeeping experts work with our world-class scientific researchers to increase production of our internationally-renowned honey and to investigate its many health benefits.

In Jebel Akhdar, fruits, nuts and roses grow on steep terraces carved into the mountainside. Farmers make the best of the cool winter nights and temperate summer to grow crops which will look very familiar to our visitors from Italy and southern Europe.

Omani rosewater has a distinct smoky taste resulting from the wood-fired production process which has been practiced for generations. Using light pink rose petals plucked at dawn, traditional rosewater producers distill and bottle this fragrant product in mountainside villages.

Agricultural innovations such as hydroponics, aquaponics, seawater greenhouses and alternatives to soil make the best use of scarce water resources and harness the power of the sun. But our innovation to technological innovation goes hand-in-hand with a commitment to sustaining our traditional village farmers as we implement lo-tech agricultural improvements alongside hi-tech initiatives.

Date palms are at the heart of Omani agricultural production and village life. Oman has the longest growing season for dates. Dates are a superfood, providing nutrients and minerals throughout the year in both fresh and dried form. Not only does the date palm provide nutritious food but we also use every part of the tree itself – from the wood to the fronds – to make household goods, tools, baskets and, today, even a new form of MDF.

Oman is committed to increasing the production of dates with our One Million Date Palm project, which is due for completion in 2025, by which time we will have planted one million seedlings. As these trees mature, our harvest will increase.

• Our Omani goats, sheep, cattle and camels provide milk and meat.















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