Commercial and Food Service Activities

The Oman Pavilion will provide a culinary experience for visitors that are unique to Oman and links back to its central theme and storyline. With this in mind, a special menu will be created along the following concept:

Local Omani products: honey, dates and camel meat/milk

Nutritious menu to promote a healthy diet: Fresh and home-grown ingredients, prepared in a healthy way

Another exciting feature of the Omani culinary experience is the creation of special recipes that has a harmonious synergy between the Italian culture and palette with the Omani traditions and ingredients. This collaboration with give a unique culinary experience to the visitors and hopefully this will complete their Omani journey with a smile.

The ambience and environment of the restaurant itself will fit into the complete pavilion architecture and concept seamlessly; making a visit to the restaurant part of the showcase of the pavilion.



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